Frequently Asked Questions

 Why do I need a sign?

  •  A sign is one of the first things a client notices about your business, the trademark of your products/services, and one of the most effective ways to advertise it.

  • A good sign that well identifies your business is proven to bring revenue.

  • On the same note, a poor quality sign can cause merchants to lose business or even fail altogether.

What kind of sign do I need?

  • When choosing a sign take into account what services/products your business provides, and where your business is located.

  • If your business is one of many in a business park, a large, attractive sign will point customers directly to you.

  • If your business is mobile (e.g. landscaping truck) you might opt for a vehicle wrap or banner to showcase your services.

  • If your sign will be outside, choose a material that will maintain its quality over time resist wear from weather.

  • Lighted signs are also a good option if you want your business to be seen and advertised 24 hours a day. 

What should my sign say?

  • Your sign should concisely show your business' services and refrain from being too wordy.

  •  Pictures are a great way to display your products and services without crowding a sign with words. Choose photos that accurately brand your business without being hard to perceive. 

  • Include your business' location and/or contact information.

  • Make sure the design is easily recognizable with respect to the location of the sign. 

Is it worth the money?

  • When you buy a sign for your business you only pay one time, instead of multiple payments for television, radio, or billboard ads. 

  • Your sign works around the clock, marketing your business every day without extra charges.

  • If you buy a sign from Beeson Sign Co., your sign is guaranteed to last and will remain an effective source of advertising for years to come. 

  • According to survey respondents, 67% of people indicated that a quality sign influenced their purchase decision. It is well known that a quality sign, when placed correctly, will bring revenue to your business. The revenue from your sign advertising will more than return the cost of the sign.

  • Yes, it is worth it!


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